Human Resources Management Portal

The HRM Portal is a solution solely developed by Astrums Consulting to manage and expedite various HR related tasks. This solution meets all requirements of HRMS for an IT company and it can be fully integrated with the SAP ERP system. The solution features a dashboard like navigation system for ease of use and can easily be customized based on customer’s requirements.

Time Management

Employer & Employees are able to keep track of hours worked by monitoring the punch in/out times. Also, employees are able to fill in their time sheets and submit for their supervisor’s approval electronically

Leave Management

Employees can easily see their annual leave entitlements and are able to apply for leave through the system and the supervisor can electronically approve. Once leave has been approved it will automatically update the number of remaining leaves as well as keep entire history.

Claim Management

Employees can electronically submit their claims and upload soft copy of bills/receipts onto the system. This allows the supervisor to immediately approve or reject claims without having to wait for the hard copy of bills/receipts.

HRM Portal Solutions

Astrums HRM Portal solution allows organizations to simplify and automate many HR related tasks which can save valuable working hours and ensure hassle free operation of HR.

Information Management

Employees can view and update their relevant particulars in the system which minimizes the chances of having wrong and outdated information. Also, employees can view their performance reviews as well.


Astrums HRM Portal solution is fully compatible with iOS, Android operating systems and can be customized for any hand-held devices such as phones & tablets.