Astrums has enabled numerous S/4HANA implementations and migrations. Further, Astrums has setup S/4HANA infrastructure servers for demo and Proof of Concept (POC) activities as well. Existing SAP customers are now considering whether and how they should introduce SAP S/4HANA. With transformational migration, the software update is combined with the SAP transformation. This may include, for example, the consolidation of systems or the harmonization of SAP based processes. Astrums has a proven track record and is capable of delivering S/4HANA projects across the glob.

Greenfield approach:

The Greenfield approach involves the complete reimple­mentation of one or more SAP systems. Processes and systems are fully reconfigured. Primarily the business data of the existing systems are transferred.

Brownfield approach:

The Brownfield approach involves the gradual migration of one or more SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA. A distinction is made between technical and transformational migration.

SAP Business One

Astrums has been implementing SAP Business One in various small and medium business enterprises since 2006. Astrums has implemented across industries such as Services, Manufacturing, Whole Sales Trading, Retail Trading, Food & Beverage, Engineering, and Healthcare.

We have built our own add-on for GST (Goods & Service Tax) solutions for Malaysia and have deployed it to more than 50 clients. Project costing, product costing and plant maintenance solution are another Astrums expertise and we have performed integration with SAP Business One.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solution

At one glance, RDS offers template solutions for the Trading & Services domain. The solution supports the services and distribution business to effectively implement its business processes in medium to large organizations. The service solution is suitable for industries such as Repair & Maintenance, IT, Finance, Education, Insurance, Trading and other services related organization.RDS promises our customers SAP implementations of with following goals in mind.

  • Fixed and affordable cost
  • Shorter implementation cycle
  • Predefined configured solutions with greater clarity and insights
  • Expandable as the business grows
  • Option to bundle with hardware


Astrums is one of the first HANA migration partners with certified professionals and has implemented new SAP HANA servers across the region for SAP applications and Non­SAP application development purposes. Astrums has successfully completed more than over hundered HANA migration projects including Suit-on-­HANA (SoH), Business Intelligence system on HANA (BWoH) and migration of non­SAP databases to HANA.

We have also built BI integration for Telecommunication, Healthcare and Service Industries. Astrums has the expertise in upgrading and migrating SAP R/3 4.6c systems to SAP ECC6/EHP7. 

By using SNP Transformation Backbone, Astrums is able to achieve near zero down time when it comes to large volumes of data. Astrums implemented new SAP HANA servers across the region for SAP Applications and Non­Sap application development purposes

What is Transformation Backbone

SAP Business Suite

Astrums has performed end­to­end implementations of SAP Business Suite applications that provide integration of information and processes, collaboration, industry specific functionality, and scalability. SAP Business Suite is based on SAP‘s technology platform called NetWeaver. Astrums expertise in SAP Business Suite implemen­tation includes the following components with all of the expertise built up internally.  

  • SAP ERP 6.0 (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • SAP CRM 7.0 (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SAP SRM 7.0 (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • SAP SCM 7.0 (Supply Chain Management)
  • SAP PLM 7.0 (Product Lifecycle Management)

As the Business Suite is purely a model for companies who fall under certain criteria, Astrums facilitates an end to end solution for companies who want to get more out of the SAP Business Suite components.  

Product Bundling Options

Astrums offers predefined SAP package solutions which not only reduce the implementation time but also help to cut down service costs while providing the industry’s best practice solutions. Astrums has been actively working with partners and various organizations to raise awareness among local businesses. Especially targeting SME organizations to assist them embarking on technological improvements in order to utilize various government initiated programs and grants.It is a major step for any businesses to derive benefits from such an exercise in order to achieve technologically enhanced operational excellence.